Private Instruction

The Mantis x10 system

Private instruction is our speciality. Maybe you purchased a new gun and you haven’t shot in awhile? Or you can’t get the shot grouping tight enough? Whatever your needs are we are here to assist you. For the range we have the Mantis X10 Elite Shooting Performance System. In the classroom laser cartridge target practice helps you tune-up your shooting ability, without having to expend precious ammunition – which is pretty scarce right now. Time is valuable for everyone and some of you just don’t have time for a full Basic Pistol Course so this may be the answer.

Deschutes Firearms Training also utilizes the latest technology including laser cartridge target practice, as well as the Mantis X10 Elite Shooting Performance System.

Couples ? Couples are charged at $80 per hour for the two of you – not separately. Work on shooting fundamentals. Perhaps you only need time at the range for help with whatever is causing you grief. The hybrid classroom/range can also be tailored to your needs in a shorter time period.

A $75 deposit is required to reserve your time block.