CCW Course

Includes Range Time

Full two day course $300  *range fee and targets, Personal Protection and Basics of Pistol Shooting Handbooks are  included

$80 Deposit required to confirm a seat.  See payment page

1st day classroom approximately  7- 8 hrs.
2nd Day 4 hours classroom – 4 hours live fire range time (times are approximate)

What to bring to class. (See “About or Classes” page)

Satisfies the requirements for the Deschutes County to apply for your CCW/CHL license at the Deschutes County Sheriff Office. 

This is a fifty state recognized NRA CCW course which has been carefully structured to meet and exceed minimum state requirements. You will need to apply in each state you wish to obtain a permit from.
It is highly worthwhile to take advantage of the wealth of information you will learn in the full length course, as well as the live fire component.

Firearms Safety

You will learn about the main causes of firearms accidents. You will learn the three fundamental NRA rules for safe gun handling that apply when carrying or using a concealed weapon. We will discuss the importance of carrying and using a pistol responsibly and ethically. You will learn the techniques for storing a pistol safely.

Pistol nomenclature and selecting a pistol for self defense

Learning objectives: Identify the two main types of pistols.  Identify the main components of a pistol, and the criteria for a selecting a pistol suited to you for your defensive needs.

Ammunition Knowledge and defensive ammunition selection

Identify the different components of a pistol cartridge.
How to properly identify and store ammunition.
Identify the major types of pistol ammunition and the difference between practice ammo and defensive ammunition.
We will also discuss additional accessories for concealed carry.

Basic Defensive pistol skills

You will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship including the elements of a good shooting position and they can change in a defensive encounter. We will discuss defensive accuracy and the difference between cover and concealment, including examples of each.

Drawing from concealment

Explain and demonstrate the technique for safely presenting and holstering a concealed pistol.

Loading and stoppage remediation

Your instructor will demonstrate emergency reloading and will identify and explain types of stoppage. Your instructor will explain and demonstrate immediate actions drills.

Carry modes and Pistol Concealment

Identify benefits and limitations of the various concealment modes. Explain the basic principles of pistol concealment.

Mindset, Responding to an attach and the aftermath

Discuss the levels of mental awareness. Explain the importance of mental preparation and developing the proper mindset for carrying and using a pistol for personal protection. Explain techniques for avoiding life-threatening confrontations. Explain the psychological and physiological changes that may occur during an attack. Explain the difference between armed self-defense in the home and outside the home. Explain and demonstrate techniques for controlling and responding to a violent encounter. Talk about the emotional, legal and social aftermath of a defensive shooting.

Firearms Cleaning and Maintenance

You will disassemble  your  pistol and be shown how to properly clean and maintain it. Then reassemble.

 Actual range practice

You will have time, (approximately 4-5 hours at the Redmond Rod and Gun Club for actual live fire training.