Deschutes Firearms Training

Summer 2023

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Firearms Training conducted in a small friendly environment that emphasizes safety and firearms proficiency.

Small classes taught by a NRA Certified Instructor.

We have classes that provide safe firearms training. We specialize in customized programs to meet your needs. Unquestionably many people don’t know which firearm will best suit your needs? Be sure to checkout our Pistols to try out page!

We have a variety of pistols large and small that you fire before you go out and buy a pistol that is not right for you. If you have never shot before, we excel in making you comfortable with your recent purchase or your upcoming purchasing.

My name is Patrick Combs and I look forward to instructing you on the knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a firearm safely. I am an NRA certified Basic Pistol instructor and CCW/CHL Concealed Handgun License instructor. I have participated in the United States Practical Shooting Association Competitive Pistol events for many years, and I am an active volunteer at the Redmond Rod and Gun Club where I serve as a Chief Range Safety Officer.

My firearms training takes place in small class size of 1-6 students. This enables me to devote time to each student to achieve safety, proficiency, and confidence with your pistol. You will also learn how to clean and maintain your firearm. Both the Basic Pistol and CCW classes are open to anyone of any skill level and include the book(s) required to use in the classroom, which are yours to keep and reference in the future.

We include live-fire range training time in both, which on-line courses cannot provide. If you haven’t shot for awhile or just want to spend a few hours shooting with a professional to brush up, we offer assistance without criticism.

Students will have the opportunity to fire multiple pistols in different calibers, as well as their own firearm. Personal instruction is available at $80 per hour and if there are two of you, you pay for price of one. Classroom instruction takes place in Bend, and the range portion is conducted at The Redmond Rod and Gun Club.
Use our Contact Form to get whatever firearms training information you need. We look forward to working with you. Check our Google Reviews to see the remarks of some of our satisfied customers.

 Patrick Combs
Patrick Combs NRA Certified Instructor
Upcoming Classes
Our classes are scheduled based on your requests. We specialize in personal instruction both for those who have never fired a pistol before and for those who are looking to hone their skills. We normally provide instruction on weekends. We also have a number of pistols to try out if you are taking instruction.