About our classes DFT

All Training Done by Certified NRA Instructors 

Basic Pistol Course

There are no prerequisites for this class. Anyone can sign-up for this class no experience necessary. Great class for beginners or those who may be transitioning to a new gun. Also a good class for those who may not have shot for some time and need to brush up on good techniques. Maybe you don’t have a pistol yet. We have a number of pistols to try out

Concealed Weapons Training 

If you can just go on-line to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and take the required training on line why pay for It at Deschutes Firearms Training ? If you want a quick easy way to just get the minimum there is nothing wrong with that. But if you take the course of a certified NRA instructor such as myself I will give you a lot more. Personalized training with time for lots of questions and answers. Classes of no more than six students. For those who want to be really comfortable with their weapon I can offer actual range training also. Remember “you get what you pay for” and free only gets you so much.

Personalized Training

Need a tune-up in your shooting skills? Perhaps you just want a few hours on the range or time on the laser cartridge target practice system. The Mantis X10 Elite Shooting Performance System can assist you in increasing your accuracy. Whatever your needs are we can help you achieve your goals. Personalized training runs $80 per hour. Price does not include Range fees or ammunition.  Unsure of where your weakness are? We can evaluate your shooting performance and provide good techniques to improve your shooting. So whether you need to brush up on the basics or you’re looking to learn or improve skills such as drawing or shooting Deschutes Firearms Training is here to assist you.

Class Room

Small size classes

What to bring to class:

  • Unloaded firearm in its case with the firearm instruction booklet if available
  • If available 150 rounds of ammunition (basic pistol course).
  • 300 rounds CCW course (ammo is hard to find right now)
  • Eye and Ear protection (bring on the first day of class)
  • Cleaning kit (if you don’t have one yet we will provide one to  use)
  •  Notebook
  • Payment in the form of check, cash,Venmo, or Square
  • Food, drinks, snacks – We have a refrigerator on site
  • Drivers license or state or government photo ID – required for  State of Oregon
  • Class portion of all training takes place in our dedicated training room.
    Range training takes place at the Redmond Rod and Gun Club.

The below video gives someone who has never shot a firearm some real basics.